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post construction of a sleeping loft, powder room and laundry room on the west end of portland.













Portland Renovations is a professional design-build construction company located at 107 Anderson Street in Portland, Maine. Since 2001 our focus has been modern, durable structures and spaces that are highly designed and are in response to our client's needs.


Our services include the design and construction of new homes, additions, renovations, kitchens, and cabinet work. We also provide coordination with structural engineers, civil engineers, architects, surveyors, energy auditors and any other necessary third party consultant. In addition to those standard coordination needs, we also take our projects through the permitting process.


Office and shop: 107 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101  (t) 207.775.2267 (e)




Our work is below in a very simple format to show examples of what is built or is underway.



current single family new construction project on munjoy hill in portland. this project is highly engineered and very technical despite it's simple appearance. our footprint is

very small and well within the limits of what could be built on our site. our height, while below the permissible restriction has made this project a challenge to build with the

wind category it is engineered to withstand given it's small footprint. the project involved the removal of an existing structure that was in very poor condition after many years

of neglect. the new structure is now in conformance of current setbacks and will be very energy efficient unlike what was replaced.





near completion images of a kitchen renovation for a long term client. our work limits stayed mostly within the limits of existing interior walls but the new sloped ceiling

outside the main kitchen area is all new construction that was possible with a window change above this level to provide more ceiling height for this room.

(design by portland renovations)




recently completed small project for another long term client. this is a 30' long wall unit that involved retrofitting an existing wood burning fireplace into a new modern wood

stove insert. the work involved total masonry reconstruction of the existing firebox to accommodate the new appliance, re-framing of existing room openings to create accurate,

near perfect openings to accommodate our cabinet work, and then of course, the assembly. the design is based on horizontal and vertical bands of positives and negatives.

once filled with books and artwork, the design will eventually be complete, until then, here's a glimpse.

(design by portland renovations)





small third floor renovation of a very dated and cramped space. the ceilings are now open to the ridge with the existing collar ties exposed. with a new simple pine floor and

discrete lighting, the space is much more elegant and inviting. we also insulated the existing ceiling which has improved the efficiency of the entire building.

(design by portland renovations)




post construction images of a single family residence in cape elizabeth. this was a full gut and renovation of an existing 4000 s.f. 1963 masonry, steel and wood framed

structure, plus a 1000 s.f. third floor addition that compliments the existing architecture. the existing floor plan was very compartmentalized as usual but is now very open

and inviting. the wall and roof envelope design is now very energy efficient and has proven itself during lengthy power outages in the winter with no issues.

(overall design, spatial planning and building envelope design by portland renovations, collaborative on some details with owner.




near complete images of a full gut and renovation of a 3000 s.f. single family residence / historic brick row house on the west end of portland. the exterior remains unchanged

other than new windows and window sills and paint per historic district contraints, but the inside is now open, simplified and very energy efficient.

(overall design, spatial planning and building envelope design by portland renovations, collaborative on some details with owner.




kitchen renovation in cape elizabeth. this was a full gut and renovation of a dark and gloomy 1960's kitchen that was compartmentalized and had no views to the ocean beyond.

with a little bit of clever structural work, the space is now open to the living room and dining room. the lower right image shows the previous condition.

(design collaboration with portland renovations and the client's architect)




post construction of an addition and renovation to an existing single family residence on the east end of portland. work consisted of removing a small 1 story addition on the

back of the existing house and adding a 2 story addition to accommodate for a new entry , kitchen, bedrooms and yard space.

(house and landscape design by portland renovations, photography by Flacke Photography)




post construction of a single family renovation and addition on munjoy hill, portland; the very first modern building on munjoy hill we believe. the existing structure was a single

story building in extremely poor condition and has now been transformed into a new durable, energy efficient structure.

(house design, spatial planning and all detailing by portland renovations, landscape by others)




post construction of a sleeping loft, powder room and laundry room on the west end of portland.

(design collaborative between owner and portland renovations)




post construction of a kitchen addition and renovation in cape elizabeth.

(general concept of addition limits by owner, design by portland renovations)




addition to a single family residence during construction in yarmouth, maine. (It's complete, updated pictures are on the way.)

(sketches and design by bruce norelius  who we were very honored to build construction images on their way.)




post construction of the new Museum of African Culture, located at 13 brown street, downtown portland.

(design by stephen oliver)




post construction of a cottage renovation and addition in south portland, maine near willard beach.

(design by portland renovations, landscape by others)




post construction of an addition in freeport,maine.

(design by portland renovations)




second floor renovation during construction on munjoy hill in portland.

(design collaborative between owner and portland renovations)                                                                                                                                         107 ANDERSON STREET, PORTLAND, MAINE  04101 207.775.2267